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Autonomous simulated car (deep learning)
Self Balancing Gyroscope Two Wheeler on Highwire
robotikal mobile home series
AVA - Advanced Verbal Assistant
AVA - Advanced Virtual Arena
Trac-Drive Mower and Snow Plower
Crusher - The Wheeled Tracking Robot
Chess Robot - Set Up
How to Make a Chess Playing Robot
Chess Robot - Graphical User Interface
How to Make a Chess Playing Robot
Chess Robot - Arm Control Module
How to Make a Chess Playing Robot
Chess Robot - Chess Logic Module
How to Make a Chess Playing Robot
Chess Robot - Vision Module
How to Make a Chess Playing Robot
Page 2
Chess Playing Robot
How to Make a Chess Playing Robot
Line Follower Robot using Arduino UNO
Racing Spider
Robot de reciclaje alfa 005
Robot de reciclaje alfa 004
Robot de reciclaje alfa 003 - assemblage
Big Wheel Bot - Gardening Robot
Alpha Recycling Robot 002
Robot de reciclaje - alfa 001
Leg-bot now has a body and arms
Robot Platform "Mark 2"
Page 3
Robot Platform "Mark 3" Final
Air Quality Dimensional Sensor Device
Giving birth to my new robot friend named "Antwerp"
Android(B4A) Remote Control
Puppy - 3d printed
Human Interacting Robot (with Facial-Recognition) and Text-to-Spe...
RetroBoy Biped Robot
Arduino service robot
Service robot arduino
DIY Robotics | Educative 6 Axis Robot Arm
Page 4
Leg-bot. Walking humanoid legs controlled by Bluetooth
Dog-bot. Walking robot dog controlled by Bluetooth
Autonomous CubeBot
Teiu - 2DOF mech project
Bluetooth LE Controlled Rocket Toy
Ping Pong Robot: Another table tennis master
r/c lawnmower and snow plow
THe Working Robot
IR remote controlled Mini Hexapod
Video Surveillance Robot
A robot pushing or pulling a small vehicle.
Page 5
Haulin Bot
Robotic flexinol hand
Sigma - SumoBot 3Kg
A combat robot to participating in competitions here on Brazil
Neutrino Life size humanoid robot
B.E.Robotic's prototypes
Modified Joy Robot (based on Robo da Alegria)
Robot construction based on the Mira Robot!
RoboChair - A Proof-Of-Concept model Electric Wheelchair
BONES the Humanoid Robot
Barbie Bluetooth Car
B.E.Robotic's prototypes
eggy travel
eggy sleep robot
Page 6
Steavie 5
steavie humanoids
Tele presence Robot
B.E.Robotic's prototypes
Boris the Biped for Beginners and Beyond
Overhead (track-mounted) telepresence/assistive robot
Remote-controlled lawn mower
B.E.Robotic's prototypes
LEGO six foot walker with 2 motors
B.E.Robotic's prototypes
Robot Platform "Mark1"
Smartphone Bluetooth application voice control Car
Humanoid robot
Self Driving and Drifting RC Car using Reinforcement Learning
Learning while building a cheap and precise robotic arm
Page 7
EV3 omni Internet camera robot with anti-collision system
Omni telerobotic game
Prismatic (Sliding Joint) Quadruped Robot - updated with steering...
Pneumatic Animatronic Guitar Player
Charlie V2 Robotic Assistant
Charlie Versions
PAROVOZ: 6WD all-terrain robot platform
Echo v1.0 Prototype Humanoid Torso - Built By Ti-Tek
SpotMicroAI - SpotMini-Clone with Simulation-Environment and RL
Fire Fighting Robot
Portable Arduino Bot
Solar-Radio hat (Treadbot "Giz")
Gizmo the Treadbot
YABB - Yet Another Balance Bot
Page 8
Noisy Boi Sub-10 foot (without cart) Remote network robot
Remote Controlled Multi-Functions Arduino Robot !
TRAC, my second meltybrain featherweight fighting robot
Combat Robots
Johnny 5 / Judge Dredd ABC - Interactive Annoyance Bot
Lynxmotion Smart Servo (LSS) / Simple Tentacle
Arduino Marble Maze Labyrinth
Fuzzybot by Fuzzy Noodle: 3D printed humanoid robot
Robot Project
Arduino Drawing Machine
UR12 Musician & Assistant Robotic Arm
Self Leveling Rover
Handmade Final Fantasy AirShip
Page 9
Alpha V1: Open-Source and Arduino Compatible Remote Controller (T...
Create an Inexpensive Flying Wing / Drone
Rotator rc scale tow truck
Capo rc rotator tow truck
Animabot, an Advanced Hexapod Robot
S.A.R.A. the robot
Robot Arduino using nRF52832 connected to Android and ESP8266 con...
Steg - Quadruped
Snow Plow Robot
This is my First Security Robot--SR1 (security Robot #1)
Biped Leg Design
4WD Security Robot
Wild Thumper based ROS robot
Page 10
Walking Humanoid Robot
RuBo the drummer robot
Skeleton bulldoggo build
A Robot Named Adam
Gizmo the Robot
6WD All Terrain Inspection Robot
Toby1 - Hexapod
Machine Learning Hopping Robot
Autonomous robot car (WIP)
Automated Soldering Robotic Arm
Intellisaurus Robot Kit
Machine learning crawling robot using Reinforcement Learning, Neu...
Page 11
Personal Robot Adam
Self-propelled Strandbeest
Elliot the Scavenged Robot
Quad Walker
3d Printed Walkers
Animatronic robot talking head.
How to build a Claude Shannon juggling machine
Take cover! - Translational drift featherweight fighting robot
Combat Robots
Robot Made from Pokemon Card Tin
Mecanum Wheel robot pet
Meriwether-X1804, the Explorer
Page 12
Arduino Based 6-Servo Controller (WIP)
SEVI home robot
Building a sumo robot for a competition this october.
Wifi controlled Raspberry PI 2 Rover
Robokut Collective
Learning studio
Remote Controlled Arduino Car
DroidGuru - Control Robots from your Web browser (Beta)
Horus Mk.I - My Biped Robot
mini serval
minitaur like micro quadruped robot
Page 13
Inductive Guidance Robot
Self Balancing Robot Using Neural Net
Robot Head MK2
Meet ROI-TrashBot
Room Mapping Arduino Robot
Tubby Bot a Wifi/Smartphone controlled two wheeled bot – STEP BY ...
Robot Sheep
RAVEBOTS - Crazy spastic dancing bots (Made for TV)
ROB - Telepresence bot (Made for TV)
ESCOO - EScooters + Sabertooth Controller Platform
TOM (Tri-Track Tank Bot w arduino + adafruit)
ART - Fully articulated wheelchair robot (Made for TV)
Page 14
Basics: Arduino w Adafruit servo shield n infrared remote control
RWST - Rail Wear Surveillance Trolley
REVIEW of LIDAR-Lite 3 Laser Rangefinder High Performance (LLV3HP...
New automatic parachute system, for a water rocket
Neato Robot with Raspberry Pi Hack
EM4 Educational Motorized Robot Kit OWI-891: Grandpa-bot
Raptorbot (name not finalized)
TacoBot- Stackable coding robot designed for children aged 4 and ...
Robotic Arm
Speech Recognition
Work bot
Page 15
PC Controlled Robotic Arm
Self balancing rover robot
Vacuum cleaner bot(WiFi esp8266-12, Bessel hand vacuum)
Six Entertaining Things To Do With A Robotic Arm
MicroBot OG Pronounced Oh Gee
my First Humanoid Robot (17 DOF)
Little Runt Rover Robot Project
Self Balancing Robot - Using RemoteXY and Bluetooth to pass in PI...
Catapult robot
Page 16
6 DOF Robotic Arm (A.R.M.)
M1 v2.0 Semi Autonomous foam dart Platform
XYZ Positioning Using Arduino Uno for 6 DOF Robotic Arm
Little Bits Droid Inventor Kit - LMR Review
Valify robot lawnmower
M1mini Robotic Shark of DOOM
Garden Robot
Shapeoko CNC Engraver
Project Test Chassis
Otto 3D Printed Bipedal Robot
Page 17
Internal Environment Monitoring And Security Patrol Robot
AVA OS - "A Very Advanced Operating System"
Animal (Let's Build A Robot!)
Arduino Sumo Robot
Solar bug
A robot with stepper motors, driven from FPGA controller
RS5 - 3D printed Raspberry Pi 3 Robot
Biped Robot (RADAR)
Track robot
My first Robot
Automated juggling machine
Page 18
Burn-E PaperCraft Robot
Project Robokut - BOMaterials
Omni Bot
Irma, My hexapod
Security / Safety Droid , Ezb V4 and Raspberry Pi 3 mashup powere...
Project Robokut - Mechanics & Electronics
Fully Autonomous RC Car
Automatic Parachute deployment with Arduino
Robie's robot Wreckers
Mobile robot -- Dzik Rover
Modular Robot Platform
Project Robokut - Sensor Selection
Page 19
Pavlov project: Building a quadruped robot
Robot Gadget-NG
Robot Ardi
Stop Motion Robots
Distributed Operating System for Robots
Raspberry Pi Litter Robot that tweets
Project Robokut - Design Overview
Tricycle Skeleton R/C
Parallel Mini Gripper Project
Page 20
Maxwell the Humanoid Robot
Quadruped Robot Project: Leggeduino
Lynxmotion - MES (Multirotor Erector Set) Project
Robot from book Computer Controlled Robots for C64, VIC20, Spectr...
Desktop Bot
Desktop Robot Head and Arm
3D Printed Solidoodle 2 Pen Plotter Hack
How To Make An Amazing Robot Cow Scarecrow
Robot reading signs
DIY 2-wheel balancing robot
BeetleBot 2.0
Page 21
Voice Control arduino Robot
IR remote controlled arduino robot
light following arduino robot
gesture controlled robot using accelerometer
line follower arduino robot with object avoid
smartphone controlled robot with video streaming(imo)
arduino Dancing Autobot
Object Avoiding Arduino Robot
arduino smartphone app control car using l298
Self Balancing Robot Using Mpu6050 Accelerometer
micro servo robotic arm arduino based using 10k pot
Edge avoiding arduino robot
Page 22
G-sensor Controlled Arduino Robot
DIY Climate Control Bracelet
Self Navigating Arduino Robot
rc car!
IronBot Chap: DIY and Programming Robot
Raspberry Pi 6 Wheel Drive Rover
Minion - my daughter's first robot
Pogo - RugWarriorPro With New Raspberry Pi 3 Brain
3D printed - Adult Sized Humanoid Robot
Robotic gripper Andromina V.2.0 with Arduino
Page 23
Mini Quadcopter in progress 3D printed
Spider robot - Krzyżak
WIFI RC car with ESP8266 and Arduino IDE
Raspberry pi Tank - with Live Video Stream
PushBot MiniSumo robot.
A Concept for a Robot that I am planning to build
Void, my biped robot
Trekker - OpenCV & Raspberry
Spider Robot
Andruino R2: Low cost DIY educational ROS robot.
RC FPV on Tracks
Page 24
3D Printed "Transformers" Robot - Spiderbot V2
Robot B9 - " Lost In Space " Moebius
Arduino bumb switch rumblebot
IOT Whiteboard Bot
ZeroPi distance sensing with ultrasonic sensor
Pick and Place robot
Ball balancing beam robot
mBot Ranger ROS bot
M1 NerfBot Build1
BritishTiny Tin robot
Page 25
GPS Guided R/C Truck
Let's Make Robots in the Arduino day London 2017. RobotShop gift
3D Printed Arduino Spider
Test Robot Chasis
Mark 1
Walter - A life's autumn
2020 Bot
Raspberry Pi robot - Big Rob
Runner Robot (Original Idea by Brainergizer)
Restored and Customized Rhino Robot Robotic
Devestator Robot Tank
Page 26
8 DOF BiPed
self learning robot
Meet Roamer
Falling-Up Robot Project with Teensy 3.6
Tertiarm - low cost, 3d printed robot arm based on Ikea lamp
Building a Nuclear Decommissioning Robot
ROVER11 2º part
Ping Pong Ball Juggling Robot
Tiny Tin
WALTER - The Arduino Photovore Insect Robot
Discovery class: Explorer 1 – Internet controllable
Mowie McMowface
Page 27
Gaming Bot
KITtyBot 2
6 DOF Robot Arm
Rover mK2 / Prototype
ShopArm: 3D Printed Collaborative Robot
Elton Is Coming
Vibro snail
BlueDuck Bot
Parral Dev Board, an open source platform
Robotic arm with automatic zero position
Page 28
my useful old tool
KITtyBot Mini
Sp-D2 (Steampunk R2-D2)
Alfred - Home Automation System
Autonomous Machine Learning R/C Car
RQuad Robot
StomPi, my to-be telepresence puppy ^_^
ROVer - a semi-autonomous robot... eventually... someday...
FPGA pong
Mini quadruped
G.E.A.R. 2
Page 29
PiBot UGV Observer
Object follower robot (with mBot + Pixy)
TWD (The Walking Dead) quadruped robot
B·Day Bot - Remote control
Modified heavy metal chassis
2 axis plotter
Bider [3DOF-Quadruped]
Béda 6 – a robot for the Ketchup House competition
Robotic Ball
ASURO - my next 3 robot kits
Page 30
Need Someone to Turn Animatronic into Bluetooth or RC
MATLAB and Simulink Support Packages for Arduino
Béda5 - a robot for RoboRAVE competition
Arduino Obstacle avoiding robot
Chopstick Puppy
2D Robot Mapping Software for autonomous navigation
3-D Printed Robot Arm
Otto DIY - opensource biped robot that you can build
Xpider--the smallest smart robot spider
Squidsscout FPV rover
Autonomous Robot to Fertilize Corn
Stair climbing robot
Page 31
Xpider-E(original name QPAKO)-My 1st Walking Creature
DuckBot Clone
Xpider--the smallest smart robot spider (Stop Updating)
Scrapsberry Sucker
Sky Walker Robot Kit - my first robot
Would you like to invite my robot to visit your location on it's ...
T08A2 hexapod tank (from Ghost In The Shell)
Nerf-firing Rover
Page 32
Spider Pig - Autonomous hexapod robot
Meet B.O.B "Bicycle Wheeled Observation Bot"
Mars Curiosity inspired Rover
Blinky, a very simple glowing-eyed robot
RatAttack - Our first BattleBot
Limpy, the super simple walking robot
Raspberry PI marble sorting system.
Tracked robot "EVR2"
Tracked robot Mk3
My Mouse Is Running Away!
First robot programed in Swift with SwiftyBones
Cereal Box Combat Robot
Page 33
My Junk-Bot
line follower debug application
Micro Servo Humanoid
FPV Squid Rover
FPV Control Station
Mouse Droid based on Runt Rover Whippersnapper with Raspberry Pi
An Insect Robot to be Continued
Octobot spider robot
Mowbot 1
Petit Bot wifi controled with Wemos mini D1 / ESP8266
Obstacle and free fall avoidance with mBot Special #ArduinoDay 20...
Page 34
Robot Will Tell You What You Feeling Or Thinking..!
Two Wheeled Inverted Pendulum fuzzy controller
Two Wheeled inverted pendulum (balance robot)
Cartesio – low cost cartesian plotter robot
Internet Connected Trash Can Robot That Talks
Hexapod 001
Motor with weight, PID and camera
Intelligent Vibrobot Mega
Arduino Delta Robot (driven by DC motors)
FPV Robot Rover
Half scale R2D2 project
The CREEPER (aka Curt)
Page 35
Krekel - PIC controlled mini hexapod
Robot beds with UWB indoor navigation
MaRRVE (Manned and Remote Robotic Vehicular Exoskeleton)
NRF24 Robot Rover
Pepakura Biped
Johnny Five
MDi #4
Mini Robot Rover
Large robot rover
Opabinia - steampunk 12 servo hexapod
Force sensitive 3D printed BB-8
Page 36
Basic Robot Claw
E.A.R.L. Hexapod teaches itself to walk
A1B1 - My first Arduino Robot
Small robot rover
Upgrade Silverlit Remove Control with TX433 and picaxe
The Wire Beings beta: An expandable, humanoid, Arduino Robot
utility box bot voice recoginition (r2d2 like bot)part2
Global Domination Robot (GDR) Mk III
voice regconition box utility droid (like r2d2)
cheap/easy obstacle avoiding robot
Page 37
Beginner roam bot
Two Wheel Self Balancing Trinity College Fire Fighting Robot Cont...
Astromech droid R3-B9
Two leg 4 feet insect-like walker
Raspberry Pi Robot Arm with simple Computer Vision
Insect Robot
EG First 2nd rev bot
Super Servo with Wiper Motor, ESC, v-tail mixer and Servo Tester,...
Robotic Three-Wheeler
Make Your Own MSP430 Launchpad based Robot
Page 38
My first autonomous robot with ROS INDIGO
Multi-Functional Astromech Droid Based on R2-D2
DIY Minion robot made with scrap and Arduino
AT-AT Robot
Low cost Quadruped Project. 17 degrees of freedom (SG90) slot to...
Lawn Mower
MechWarrior - Hexapod Robotic Platform
3D Printer - PLA sticking issues resolved!
biped Trashbot 5, learning Center of Gravity for longer strides
Making PCB vias using conductive ink
Star Wars BB-8 Droid (V2)
Parallax Boe-Bot Kit
Page 39
Battery robot
Johnny5-style robot.
iOS Robot Controller App
Automatic photo scanner
Maze Solver
BioGripp 3.1 - Robotic hand
RB5X Update Project
Hacked Tin Can Robot
Xbee controlled 5 Axis robot arm
Simple Robotic Arm Made out Of Cardboard Pieces
Page 40
Autonomous Rover
Want feedback & suggestions - Phiro Education Robot - for kids & ...
Serial Hybrid Powered 6WD autonomous vehicle
robot romeo
Wirelessly Controlled 3D Printed Hand
IronBot:A Smartphone-Operated Robot
Automata Pilgrim 7000-like robot head
Project: RobotShop Rover - Development
Turn Adunio-based robot arm into a 3D printer!
ROBOT ARM 5-AXIS my first ever
Page 41
Smart remote vehicle for kids
Simple Arduino Line Follower: Parts, Assembling, and Programming
KTR-X1 8X8 hybrid RC
Dandroid 20XX
help on lunar capability rover
Lynxmotion UAV - Hunter VTail 400-500 Creation
Ant Rover - Wifi controlled robot rover
aeris - multirobotics system
Robot Controller - Teensy Based
Page 42
Codebuggy - a codebug robot
Motion Capture Exoskeleton, Johnny 5 Style
My Tele-operation robot, Generation two
My tele-operation Robot, Generation one
Algebrio - Hexapod for math learning stimulation
Canopus - support UAV in rescue missions
12 Pound Fighting Robot for Dragon*Con Robot Battles
simple drawing arm
this one can run
AllInOne v1
Page 43
Line Follower
Minion 1
Dragon Robot 1.0
Mr.robot v-3.0 - A personal life companion multitalented humanoid...
Pixar Robot Lamp
Robot Cube
Cost Effective Prosthetic Hand
Attiny Can Robot
The XLR-ONE Mini Robot Plateform
Page 44
Mad Mech (Mad Max's Peacemaker inspired tracked vehicle)
Triple Axis Magnetometer HMC5883 control robot
my first robot
Insect Bot - powered by capacitor
Talking Raspobot
GardenerBot Mark II
LinQ-The Humanoid
Jimmy the 21st Century Robot 3D Printed Shell
Tractorbot Bobesh Mk2
Page 45
AIHRO - A Humanoid
Budget Robot - from avoider to follower and beyond
A20 ground vehicle
BEDA 4 – my first line follower
ESP8266 Serial WiFi Smart Car with NodeMCU+Motor shield+Car Chass...
Robobike 1.0
i made my own packbot,
nightynighty bedside manners
FPV Wipermotor RC/Robot
LabAtar - Humanoid Robot Teleoperation System
Arduino Object Avoiding Robot
Page 46
Cross-country vehicle with a manipulator , water cannons and guns
My Completed Wall-E
BB8 StarWars droid.
DiY cheap robot from recycled parts
K-9 2.0 running on the EZ-Robot platform
Hydraulic Robot Arm
Hand drawn 2 servo four legged insect-like robot
Android Robosapien
Minion Stuart
Simple Line follower robot using a Actobotics Runt Rover Sprout (...
Page 47
Ongoing PI bot
Tracked robot "EVR1"
Monster Chan - The credit card walking robot
MeArm clone
Runt Rover with ESP8266 running NodeMUC
below 100g Line Follower MicRobot <<project discontinued>>
Real Robots Live - Online Multiplayer Game in the Real World
Clamps or Thing's Summer house.
Pancake Robot
Makeblock Robot mDrawRobot Kit--mScara
Page 48
Clone of stEve
3D Printed Robot - Print-A-Bot - ARM
Start Here Robot (SHR) using the Actobotics Runt Rover Peewee cha...
Robotic servo grippers compatible with Arduino, Raspberry, PICAXE...
3D Printed 1LB Combat Robot
trashbot v4, 9dof biped, controlled by arduino nano
HackBot "Ponxito" V1.0
3 Servo Hexapod
Lasi.us - Hexapod
Biped: T0.8 "Mao"
Autonomous Ground Vehicle MK IV (12/15/2015 Update)
motoko aftermath line follower
Page 49
Felix V2
AilgorRC : My first RC car with IOIO + L293D
RC Steering with Capacitance
First Small Build
Follow and read signs
Semi Scratch Autonomous Tracked Robot
Terrestrial Explorer V2.0
OpenCV Color Tracking Robot Arm
Marvin - a 4WD mecanum wheel driven robot
Page 50
Transforming Wheel Robot 2.0: Build your own
Mapping Rover -- The classic Rover 5 with improved 3D printed axi...
Autonomous obstacle avoiding car, with no written code! Using Ar...
TwinTeeth: The PCB mini-factory
Doorbell for unwanted guests
The XLRobots XLR-ONE Personal Robot
Bluetooth Control AVR Robot
UPDATED - Nano Patriot
"Start Here" 2.0
Yun based web controlled rover
Meet Molly..
Page 51
Robo-Art: Hexapod HEXER
help me in my quadcopter
Autonomous Solar Robot Boat
My second robot : SVBR-2
Aum 1.0
Tamiya and Arduino based rover robot.
Robot Tank
The "great" Mustachio
MeArm by me
The solar powered Annoy-o-tron 2000
CESAR (Cloud Enabled Systems Agriculture Robot)
Page 52
search and rescue robot
The BristleBot
Competition bound Line Following & Obstacle Avoiding Robot
Virtual robot girl
Andromina robot v.1.2, a rover with 4 directional wheels.
Self Balancer
Push Rollbot Version 2
what is wrong with Mr. General?
Page 53
Teensy 3.1 based 3D printer controller
Modular powerfull linux robot kit with camera WIFI actuators and ...
"Sparky Luke" - my *mildly updated* SH Robot
R2D3 - My First Autonomous Microprocessor Controlled Robot
MeArm - Open Source Robot Arm
Tractorbot Mk1
Birthdaybot 7
Undictated Robotic Organism (URO) version-00